The GTC Series

Roughly 300 years after the Human Exodus, the bulk of humanity inhabits a stretch of the Perseus Arm, along with three other sentient races that tolerate the primitive apes because they’re useful for doing all the dirty work.

Robbed of any significance in the galaxy, the richest of the Old Earth’s remaining corporations banded together to form the Galactic Trade Cartel, ahem, Galactic Trade Consortium (GTC). The GTC board, being complete rank bastards, decided to ditch the lessons of history, along with any form of moral compass, and chose to carry on the grand capitalistic tradition of lying, cheating, plundering and pillaging, all in the name of profit.

Joe Smith, while having a moral compass, doesn’t have much of a spine, so he’s taken his preferred option – drowning it all in an alcoholic fog on some far-out-of-the-way asteroid.

Fortunately for Joe, his friends and family are not ready to give up on him, and when a crisis re-unites them, Joe and the crew set about putting the aliens in their place, saving the galaxy and kicking the GTC where it hurts – the bottom line.

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Drunk and Disorderly Book Cover

GTC#1: Drunk and Disorderly

Joe Smith is holed up on a mining asteroid, happily drowning the remnants of his life in an alcoholic fog.

But when a kidnapping and a crisis draws him back into the lives of those he left behind, he must make a choice – continue to wallow in self-pity or to face his demons and save the people he loves.

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